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If you are in the process of buying, selling or just thinking of a routine check of your house then you are in the right place.

​Grant: 027 489 9484

Auckland to Kaitaia

Pre-Purchase, Pre-Sale, Moisture Inspections. Consulting.

Eagle Eye Services Limited


We are the ones, who know and love our job. That is why we are
successful. Our success is in our happy clients - buyers and
sellers whom we have helped achieve a better deal on their

Our clients receive a thorough inspection based on knowledge and experience, quick turnaround, an easy to read report with photos detailing issues and post-inspection support.

Our fees are based on the type of inspection report; the depth of inspection procedures is unchanged for all reports.​

Our clients have total confidentiality with us as we do not discuss
results with anyone else unless directed.

The choice of customized reports tailored specifically for buyers,
sellers, vendors and property investors with a flexible, based on
property size, price scale - helps our clients to optimize the
inspection cost and give them a winning combination of best value for money.

The buyers have more knowledge about the house they are buying. The sellers are better prepared for the buyer's questions.
Vendors and property investors are minimizing the risks of facing
possibly high future repair bills with our moisture and maintenance inspections.​

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