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Important Information

Please read this information regarding our building reports.

The purpose of the inspection is to provide the client with information regarding the general condition of the building(s). Cosmetic and aesthetic conditions shall not be considered.

​The reports we produce are prepared solely for the named party only and on the basis of a visual inspection in accordance with New Zealand standard 4306:2005 residential property inspections of those parts of the building to which reasonable access was available at the time of inspection, research of the appropriate statutory public records (where specifically requested by the clients) and/or any other information supplied by the owners/clients.​


If visual inspection is prevented or limited by any obstacles including, but not limited to:

  •     Cladding or lining materials

  •     Surface coverings or decorations

  •     Fixtures and fittings

  •     Appliances or furniture

  •     Soil or landscaping


The inspection will be carried out without removing such obstacles. Neither responsibility nor liability will be accepted for any defects which are concealed or located within inaccessible areas of the building and therefore not readily visible to the naked eye at the time of inspection. In addition Auckland Wide House Inspections would advise that the following items are outside the scope of this report:



  •     Potential defects within the building and/or fixtures which may arise after the completion of the inspection from any cause whatsoever.

  •     Defects that are present or concealed or inaccessible areas of the building, such as underground or inside walls and which are not reasonably discoverable upon visual inspection.

  •     Hidden structural defects in the building or attached fittings and fixtures.

  •     Any detached accessory buildings (unless inclusion is specifically requested by the client/s)

  •     Drainage and soil conditions.

  •     Building or site measurements and valuation.

  •     The extent of any fungal or insect attack, although the presence of evidence of any such attack, if visible, may be noted and further inspection by recommended registered eradicator.

  •     Water leaks from either pipe work or through the external envelope of the building, except where a leak is visible at the time of the inspection.

  •     Electrical installation, although suspect work, if visible, may be noted and further inspection by a recommended registered electrician.

  •      Any electrical or gas appliances.

  •     Any swimming pool, sauna, spa, water features and related equipment (unless inclusion is specifically requested by the client/s.)

  •     The effects of Storm water runoff on the building/site and any adjacent building/site unless such runoff, or clear evidence of such runoff, is visible at the time of inspection.

  •     The obtaining of Land Information Memorandum (LIM) unless specifically requested by the client/s.

  •     Assessment of the building/site for compliance with the applicable statutory Building and/or planning controls for the area.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: It is acknowledged that the contents of the report and the recommendations contained derive from a visual inspection only and Northern Area House Inspections gives no warranty (implied or otherwise) as to the structural integrity of the building, its fabric and/or components.

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