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Important Information

Please read this information regarding our moisture inspection.


It is advised that the client be present during the time of the inspection as all the findings and limitations could be discussed during the inspection.

Please note that dry weather can affect a moisture inspection as less moisture will retain in the structure. A wet season or after rain will produce a more accurate result.


A non-invasive inspection has the limitation of only being able to read into any timber framed wall to the depth of 19-24 mm depending on the wall type, construction and the type of meter used. This does mean that if there is some dampness on the outside of the wall framing and it has not leaked into the wall far enough towards the above dimension then it may not be discovered.

Very Important

In some cases a vendor may disguise a problem by installing new lining, painting surfaces over or placing the furniture in front of problematic areas. As our inspection is non-invasive and is of a visual nature, we can not move the vendor’s furniture or belongings there are some limitations in inspections and we can’t be hold liable for concealed or disguised problems.

Obtaining a vendor statement about the house's moisture condition and a final re-inspection before settlement when the house is

empty is highly recommended. Immediate notification about any problems to your solicitor and inspector is advised.

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