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Non invasive moisture inspection is one of the most demanding inspections.

In many cases it will be next step after a pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection ordered by the buyer.


First - we will observe and examine watertightness of the building from the outside by trying to locate possible water ingress points and document the finding with a digital camera. Where accessible we will inspect the roof space and sub-floor on any signs of water presence.

The second step is observing the interior to locate possible signs of moisture presence such as water marks, runs, any distortions to the internal trim and lining. All findings will be documented with a digital camera.

The third step is scanning the surface with an infrared camera to locate possible moisture presence.

The forth step is scanning the surface with a non-invasive moisture meter. All accessible areas around windows and door openings will be checked and readings at the bottom corners and under the bottom corners (at sill plate level) will be documented.


Corresponding internal areas to external cracks or potential points of water ingress will be inspected and readings will be documented.


Findings are reported in an easy to read format with all relevant colour pictures.

Report will normally be forwarded to you on the next business day by e-mail in pdf-format allowing it to used instantly by you, your solicitor, your agent or any other interested party.

Please note that unless a full specific moisture inspection was ordered, only a random moisture presence in readily accessible areas of possible concern or to confirm inspector's suspicions would've been checked on the interior with a non-invasive moisture meter. The condition and treatment type of internal framing is not known.

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